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Save Royton's Greenbelt group appeal (for both the 2019 and 2016 consultations) are available to download. Other documentation such as concept plans, appeal templates and flyers used in the campaign are also available.



Save Royton's Greenbelt group appeal is now available to download in PDF format. This comprises two documents for the 2021 consultation outlining our challenges to the soundness of the plan, four site specific documents for the 2019 consultation and the submission to the 2016 consultation:

  • ​2021

    1. Places for Everyone regulation 19 response (PDF)​

    2. Flooding information pack for Hanging Chadder (PDF)


  • 2019​

    1. Beal Valley (PDF)

    2. Broadbent Moss (PDF)

    3. Hanging Chadder (PDF)

    4. Thornham Old Road(PDF)


  • 2016 appeal (PDF)

Windfall allowances

Save Royton's Greenbelt has undertaken a full review of land availability across Greater Manchester, the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and windfall allowances in local plans. Our full findings are presented in our Windfall report:

  • Windfall (PDF)

  • SGMGB presentation slides (PPTX)

  • Presentation slides for meeting with Mayor (PPTX)

  • Bury's housing trajectory from the 2018 SHLAA (JPG)

Concept plans

  1. Beal Valley (PDF)

  2. Broadbent Moss (PDF)

  3. Cowlishaw (PDF)

  4. Hanging Chadder (PDF)

  5. Kingsway South (PDF)

  6. Robert Fletchers (PDF)

  7. Stakehill (PDF)


The appeal letter templates are available in two forms, a generic template that can be adapted to your site and two site-specific "fill in" forms. The generic template is available in two versions, MS Word format for those who have Microsoft Office and RTF format for those that do not.

  1. Generic (MS Word) (RTF

  2. Hanging Chadder (PDF)

  3. Thornham Old Road(PDF)

Campaign materials

  1. Thornham St. James' February 2019 protest (JPG)

  2. Tandle Hill March 2019 protest (JPG)

  3. Tandle Hill placards (Pleasant land, Forever, Gone, Scenery)

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