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£25,000 jackpot!


Play the Save Royton's Greenbelt Lotto for as little as £1 per week for a chance to win £25,000 in our weekly Friday draw.

  • 3 digit match = 5 entries into the next draw 

  • 4 digit match = £25

  • 5 digit match = £1,000

  • 6 digit match = £25,000

The SRG lotto is a great way of supporting the cause to save our green space and have some fun at the same time.

Half the proceeds raised from ticket sales will go straight into our legal fund. The other half will go on prizes and paying our independent vendor a management fee for administering the lotto.

Play the SRG Lotto


The simplest way to join the lotto is to click below and      sign up online via our vendor's Lottery website.

Alternatively, if you would prefer you can download a direct debit form and subscribe by post. If you are not able to print out then please contact us through the website and we will supply you with a form.

Please note that you must be aged 16 or over to play. The Lottery is only open to UK residents.
Terms and Conditions apply.
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If you would prefer to join the lotto by post please download the form, print it off and post it to the following address:


The Unity Lottery


LA14 2PE

Alternatively contact us through the website or on Facebook and we can drop one off.


Join us with your neighbours, friends and family to take action

With OMBC determined to push on with its plans to build on Royton's Green Belt, some of our Thornham based members have started fundraising with the aim of taking legal action against the council. At least 50 percent of the proceeds from the lottery will be used to finance legal action to contest Hanging Chadder and any other allocations on Thornham's Green Belt. The remaining 50 percent will go towards prizes and the fee charged by our vendor for administering the lotto.

The SRGB lotto will be provided by Sterling Lotteries through their Unity Lottery platform, which will undertake the following tasks on our behalf:

  • Unity Lottery will sell the tickets and collect the proceeds.

  • Unity Lottery will administer the draw.

  • Unity Lottery will notify winners by post or by email within two weeks of the draw and they will issue the prize by cheque or direct credit.

Sterling Lotteries is a reputable company with over 30 years of experience in managing lotteries. Save Royton's Greenbelt will be joining an illustrious clientele that includes Oxfam, Marie Curie, Cancer Research UK and the Royal Opera House. No member of Save Royton's Greenbelt will be involved in the draw itself.

Royton is facing a monumental battle with the council who are determined to asset strip our green space. The reason they targeted Royton is because they didn't believe we would fight back, but with the generosity and fighting spirit of the residents of Thornham and Royton we will show OMBC they picked a fight in the wrong town.

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