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GMSF update

The modified plan for Places for Everyone has finally arrived, and will go out to consultation later this month.

If you live in Thornham then, thanks to all of the hard work by Save Royton's Greenbelt and its many supporters, the good news is that Hanging Chadder is not in the modified plan despite Peel appealing its removal.

If you live in south Royton the news is not good. Royton Moss and Beal Valley remain in the plan and will be removed from the Green Belt and concreted over, pending the outcome of the final consultation. This is very disappointing given that Oldham's own land supply assessment clearly demonstrates that Oldham has enough building land up to 2037. Given that the census data shows that the housing target is double that of projected household growth, it is a legitimate question to ask who will be living in these houses...

Save Greater Manchester Greenbelt is hosting a virtual open public meeting on 5th October at 7pm to discuss the next steps in the GMSF process. General members of the public are welcome to attend. The event will be hosted using Microsoft Teams software. You will need a Microsoft account to be granted access, but the event can be viewed via a web browser. The access link is available on the SGMGB facebook page.


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2 bình luận

04 thg 10, 2023

Finally the threat of the Hanging Chadder development has been lifted. I feel relieved.

David Waterhouse
David Waterhouse
04 thg 10, 2023
Phản hồi lại

Yes it is a relief, I live in Gravelhole, but it is very disappointing for those residents in South Royton.

If there is any more campaigning to be done, to block this then I am up for the fight!

There are more than enough brownfield sites for building on, I would like to see all building on our precious green belt abolished

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