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To clear confusion, correct misunderstandings and combat disinformation Save Royton's Greenbelt has established a fact-checker to subject the GMCA's plans for Royton to objective and neutral scrutiny.

The purpose of this section is to understand the evidence base for the GMSF and examine the inconsistent treatment of the different boroughs in Greater Manchester along with the disproportionate plans for Royton and its neighbouring towns. We will not be dissecting national planning policy because this is something we cannot change. The Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the councils of Greater Manchester are subject to the law and must comply with national policy.

Much of the information included here formed the basis of Save Royton's Greenbelt group appeal against the GMSF. These documents are now available to download in PDF format

  • Who creates the housing targets and how are they formulated?
  • How much is the population projected to increase by?
  • What are household formations and why do they matter?
  • What is Oldham MB's Local Housing Need?
  • How do empty homes impact on Local Housing Need?
  • How many homes in total is Oldham MB going to build?
  • Have other boroughs “off-loaded” their housing quota on to Oldham MB?
  • Is it true Oldham is the only borough to increase its home-building target?
  • Does Oldham MB have enough brownfield land to meets its housing target?
  • Will Oldham MB run out of building land?
  • How many homes are going to be built on the greenbelt and where?
  • Where are the greenbelt boundaries?
  • How much greenbelt will be taken?
  • What will be the distribution of housing across Oldham MB’s greenbelt?
  • Is the GMSF building more greenbelt homes than they say they are?
  • What are the main points to take away from this page?

Sources are provided for all the figures presented in this section so that you can either verify or replicate them. If you wish to query something then please email us or contact us through the website's communication form. If you would like to re-use the tables and charts on this page then feel free.

Save Royton's Greenbelt.
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