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Save Royton's Greenbelt has been successful in saving Hanging Chadder and Thornham Old Road from development (pending Government inspection), but the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is still proposing to build of THOUSANDS OF HOUSES on Royton's Green Belt. The latest proposal includes the following:

  • Beal Valley – 480 homes

  • Broadbent Moss – 1,450 homes and 21,720 sqm employment floorspace

  • Cowlishaw – 460 homes

In addition to the above, there is also the Stakehill development (adjacent to Tandle Hill) straddling Castleton and North Chadderton which will invariably have an impact on Royton residents. This development will provide 1,680 homes and 150,000 sqm employment floorspace​.

save roytons greenbelt-001.jpg

The re-drafted Greater Manchester Spatial Framework proposal to build THOUSANDS OF HOUSES and commercial buildings on Royton’s greenbelt land is completely unacceptable. The bulk of the proposed "executive homes" are large £300,000+ value houses for maximum commercial gain.

The proposal to build these houses on Royton's greenbelt land is preferred by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority as they can achieve better returns from developers who can build more expensive housing in these areas of beauty. Sadly, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council currently supports these proposals, as they stand to gain premium council tax rates from these proposed high band properties.

Can anyone, who visits Tandle Hill Country Park, imagine looking out from the historic monument on to thousands of houses and industrial buildings instead of beautiful rolling hills with an abundance of wildlife? We are set to lose much of our beautiful open spaces that we currently enjoy for a variety of leisure activities. Walkers, horse riders, dog owners and families could lose these much enjoyed spaces. A reason in itself to Save Royton's Greenbelt.

As residents, we should also be concerned about the huge increase in traffic, noise and air pollution that these proposed developments would bring to the area. Our local roads have been at full capacity for many years. Our current schools, dentists and doctors' surgeries in the Royton area are already heavily over-subscribed and it is relatively normal for Royton residents to have to wait between 7 and 10 days for a doctor’s appointment.

Please join us and invite all your friends and neighbours to join us here on this website and on our Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/roytongreenbelt/

Together we can win our fight to save Royton's greenbelt. Thank you.

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Beautiful Walks

Help us to keep these beautiful lanes and paths to walk on.

Georgeous Open Views Of Our Countryside
Don't allow the Greater Manchester Combined Authority take these views away from us. Join us in our fight to keep these  views for our children and our children's children.
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